Chocolate Coated Vegan Marshmallows 5kg

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Introduce Vegan Marshmallows, the newest and sweetest addition to your pantry! Our marshmallows are made with only the finest ingredients, perfect for roasting over a campfire, adding to your hot chocolate, or as a tasty addition to your favorite desserts. Vegan, gluten-free, non-GMO and kosher, these marshmallows are a guilt-free treat that everyone can enjoy. Get them in a convenient 5kg bag, perfect for large gatherings, events, or for those who just can’t get enough marshmallows in their life. Order yours today and experience the delicious, fluffy and guilt-free marshmallow you’ve been dreaming of!

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Vegan Chocolate Coated Marshmallows: A Decadent Vegan Delight

Looking for a guilt-free, indulgent treat? Discover the heavenly combination of Vegan Chocolate Coated Marshmallows! These delightful treats offer the perfect blend of fluffy marshmallow goodness enveloped in rich, vegan-friendly chocolate.

Indulgent Vegan Treat

Each bite of our Coated Marshmallows is a delightful experience crafted specifically for those who love sweets but prefer plant-based alternatives. Whether you’re vegan or have dietary restrictions, you can enjoy these guilt-free indulgences without compromise.


Our Chocolate Marshmallows are made with carefully selected, all-natural ingredients:

  • Tapioca Starch: Provides the marshmallow’s signature fluffy texture.
  • Agar-Agar: Acts as a natural binder, ensuring the marshmallow holds its shape.
  • Organic Cane Sugar: Adds sweetness to complement the chocolate coating.
  • Natural Vanilla Flavor: Enhances the marshmallow with a classic, delicious taste.
  • Vegan Chocolate Coating: A rich, dairy-free chocolate shell that encases the fluffy marshmallow.

All our ingredients are non-GMO, gluten-free, and kosher-certified, ensuring a treat that’s not only delicious but also mindful of dietary needs.

Fluffy, Sweet, and Irresistible

Our Vegan Chocolate Coated Marshmallows boast a classic, sweet taste that’s incredibly satisfying. Each marshmallow is light and fluffy, providing a delightful contrast to the rich chocolate exterior. Whether enjoyed on their own or as part of a dessert, these marshmallows are sure to leave you wanting more.

Versatile Treat

Explore the endless possibilities of our Chocolate Coated Marshmallows:

  • On-the-Go Snack: Perfect for satisfying sweet cravings anywhere, anytime.
  • Dessert Topping: Enhance your favorite vegan desserts with a touch of marshmallow goodness.
  • Campfire Classic: Roast over an open flame for a nostalgic camping experience.
  • Hot Cocoa Companion: Add to hot cocoa for a decadent twist.

Convenient Packaging

Our Coated Marshmallows come in a resealable bag to preserve freshness and flavor. Share them with friends and family, or keep them handy for whenever you need a delightful pick-me-up.

Treat yourself to the irresistible combination of fluffy marshmallows and rich chocolate with our Vegan Chocolate Coated Marshmallows. Experience the joy of guilt-free indulgence today!

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