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There is a common misconception that vegan = is healthy. In fact, vegans can indulge in a wide variety of healthy to unhealthy diets, just like any omnivore diet.

A lot of it boils down to processed vegan foods. Vegans can eat chips, cakes, cookies, soda, fake meats, and cheeses
The upside is that a vegan diet can absolutely help with weight loss if done in a healthy and sustainable way. After all, you want to keep the weight off, right?

Now everyone knows the basics like cutting out processed foods, drinking more water, etc. But actually putting the advice into practice is the hardest part.

We dive into the best vegan weight loss tips and strategies so you can lose weight, feel great, and stop yo-yo dieting.

Caution: Consult your primary care physician before starting a new diet, especially if you are currently taking medication.

Losing weight as a concept is really very simple. If you burn more calories than you consume (food and drinks), you will lose weight. Easier said than done.

Let’s start with the ways we burn calories: resting metabolism (calories we burn to stay alive, such as pumping blood or growing new cells), non-exercise physical activity (standing, walking around the house, doing laundry, cleaning, etc.), exercise, and diet-induced thermogenesis (the energy needed to digest the food we eat).


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Enjoy, good luck and dont forget to share your before and after pics!

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