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18 Fun Things to Do with Your Kids Out in Nature: Unleashing Adventure

  1. Hiking Trails: Take a hike through scenic trails, discovering hidden wonders along the way.
  2. Nature Scavenger Hunt: Create a list of items for your kids to find in nature.
  3. Picnics in the Park: Enjoy a delightful picnic surrounded by the beauty of nature.
  4. Campfire Stories: Bond over stories and songs around a crackling campfire.
  5. Stargazing: Spend a night marveling at the stars and constellations.
  6. Outdoor Art: Create nature-inspired art using leaves, rocks, and twigs.
  7. Bird Watching: Observe various bird species and their behaviors.
  8. Nature Photography: Capture the beauty of nature through photography.
  9. Rock Skipping: Practice the art of skipping stones on a serene lake or pond.
  10. Tree Climbing: Safely climb trees for a thrilling experience in nature.
  11. Nature Journaling: Encourage kids to document their observations and experiences.
  12. Geocaching: Embark on a treasure hunt using GPS coordinates.
  13. River Rafting: Enjoy an adrenaline-pumping adventure on the river.
  14. Wildlife Safari: Explore local wildlife and their habitats.
  15. Planting Adventures: Engage in planting activities and teach kids about gardening.
  16. Outdoor Yoga: Embrace the tranquility of nature with yoga sessions.
  17. Rock Painting: Decorate rocks and leave them in nature for others to discover.
  18. Nature Crafts: Create crafts using natural materials found outdoors.

These activities not only entertain but also educate, providing kids with a deeper understanding and appreciation for the natural world.

1. Hiking Trails:

Panoramic View: Kids Exploring Scenic Hiking Trails Amidst Nature's Beauty.
Panoramic View: Kids Exploring Scenic Hiking Trails Amidst Nature’s Beauty.

Hiking trails offer an adventure filled with excitement and exploration. Trekking through winding paths, discovering hidden streams, and encountering diverse wildlife creates an unforgettable bonding experience with nature.

Activity Insights:

  • Choose trails suitable for kids’ hiking abilities.
  • Pack essential items like water, snacks, and sunscreen.
  • Engage in educational talks about flora and fauna along the way.
  • Encourage kids to observe and identify different plants and trees.
  • Capture moments by taking pictures of scenic spots.
  • Plan breaks for rest and enjoy the surrounding views.

2. Nature Scavenger Hunt:

A nature scavenger hunt sparks curiosity and observation skills in children. Crafting a list of items to find—like pinecones, different leaves, or animal tracks—encourages them to explore nature’s nooks and crannies, fostering a sense of adventure.

Activity Insights:

  • Create a checklist with easy-to-find items in the vicinity.
  • Encourage teamwork or friendly competition among kids.
  • Teach them about respecting and not disturbing the natural environment.
  • Offer small rewards or treats for completing the hunt.
  • Adapt the list to different seasons for varied experiences.
  • Guide kids in identifying items they find for a learning experience.

3. Picnics in the Park:


Picnics in natural settings are perfect for family bonding. Enjoying delicious food amidst the tranquility of nature allows for relaxed conversations, laughter, and creating joyful memories together.

Activity Insights:

  • Prepare a variety of finger foods and snacks for a fuss-free picnic.
  • Carry a comfortable blanket or portable chairs for seating.
  • Encourage kids to pack and organize their own picnic baskets.
  • Plan games or storytelling sessions during the picnic.
  • Embrace the serenity and peacefulness of the natural surroundings.
  • Ensure proper waste disposal and leave-no-trace ethics.

4. Campfire Stories:


Gather around a crackling campfire for an evening of storytelling magic. Share intriguing tales, sing songs, and roast marshmallows—creating an ambiance where imagination takes flight under the starlit sky.

Activity Insights:

  • Set safety guidelines for handling fire and marshmallows.
  • Encourage kids to share their favorite stories or create their own.
  • Bring along musical instruments for a lively campfire sing-along.
  • Explain the significance of campfire traditions and stories.
  • Enjoy the tranquility and peacefulness of the night sky.
  • Ensure the fire is completely extinguished before leaving.

5. Stargazing:

Stargazing opens a window to the universe, sparking wonder and curiosity. Watching the night sky adorned with twinkling stars, identifying constellations, and sharing celestial stories creates a magical experience.

Activity Insights:

  • Choose a location away from city lights for better visibility.
  • Use stargazing apps to identify constellations and planets.
  • Teach kids about astronomy and the stories behind constellations.
  • Bring telescopes or binoculars for a closer look at celestial bodies.
  • Lay down blankets or reclining chairs for comfortable viewing.
  • Plan stargazing nights around astronomical events like meteor showers.

6. Outdoor Art:

Creating art with natural elements encourages creativity. Using leaves, twigs, and rocks to craft unique pieces not only nurtures artistic abilities but also instills an appreciation for nature’s beauty.

Activity Insights:

  • Collect various natural materials for art supplies.
  • Encourage kids to create nature-inspired sculptures or paintings.
  • Discuss environmental conservation while engaging in art activities.
  • Display their artwork outdoors to merge it with nature.
  • Explore different art techniques using found natural materials.
  • Take photographs of their creations as keepsakes.

7. Bird Watching:

Bird watching offers an exciting way to learn about diverse bird species. Equipped with binoculars, observing birds in their natural habitats allows kids to appreciate the beauty and behaviors of these winged creatures.

Activity Insights:

  • Research local bird species before the outing.
  • Bring along a bird guidebook for identification purposes.
  • Use binoculars or bird feeders to attract and observe birds.
  • Maintain silence and patience for better bird spotting.
  • Teach kids about migration patterns and nesting behaviors.
  • Create a checklist to mark off spotted bird species.

8. Nature Photography:

Capturing nature’s beauty through a lens cultivates an eye for detail. Encourage kids to frame the stunning landscapes, vibrant flora, and fascinating fauna, creating lasting visual memories.

Activity Insights:

  • Provide simple cameras or smartphones for photography.
  • Teach basic photography techniques like framing and lighting.
  • Focus on capturing close-ups of intricate natural elements.
  • Discuss the importance of preserving nature through photography.
  • Organize a nature photo exhibition for family and friends.
  • Emphasize the beauty of different perspectives in photography.

9. Rock Skipping:

Mastering the art of skipping stones across water offers simple yet thrilling entertainment. Exploring lakes or ponds to find the perfect skipping stones and honing the skill of stone-skipping provides endless fun.

Bullet Points:

  • Look for smooth, flat stones for better skipping.
  • Demonstrate the technique of proper stone-skipping.
  • Encourage friendly competitions for the most skips.
  • Experiment with different throwing angles and strengths.
  • Emphasize the importance of skipping stones in calm waters.
  • Practice patience and persistence to improve stone-skipping skills.

10. Tree Climbing:

Climbing trees encourages adventure and physical activity. Safely ascending trees not only provides an adrenaline rush but also allows kids to view the world from a different perspective.

Bullet Points:

  • Choose sturdy trees with low branches for climbing.
  • Demonstrate safe climbing techniques and precautions.
  • Provide guidance on selecting suitable climbing attire.
  • Encourage climbing in pairs for safety and support.
  • Teach kids to respect trees and avoid causing damage.
  • Celebrate achievements when reaching new heights.

11. Nature Journaling:

Maintaining a nature journal serves as a personal record of outdoor adventures. Encouraging kids to write about their observations, sketches, or thoughts nurtures their connection with nature and aids in self-expression.

Bullet Points:

  • Provide notebooks or journals for recording experiences.
  • Guide them in documenting observations in detail.
  • Encourage creative expression through drawings and writings.
  • Set aside time for journaling during outdoor outings.
  • Discuss the importance of preserving memories through journals.
  • Review and reflect on previous entries to track discoveries.

12. Geocaching:

Embarking on a geocaching adventure combines technology with outdoor exploration. Using GPS coordinates to hunt for hidden treasures cultivates problem-solving skills and navigational abilities.

Bullet Points:

  • Explain geocaching and its rules to the kids.
  • Use a GPS device or smartphone app for geocaching.
  • Create and hide treasures for a personalized experience.
  • Share the concept of “leave no trace” while geocaching.
  • Celebrate discoveries and encourage trading treasures.
  • Plan geocaching adventures in various terrains.

13. River Rafting:

River rafting presents an exhilarating outdoor activity for families. Navigating through river rapids while enjoying breathtaking scenery provides an adrenaline-pumping experience.

Bullet Points:

  • Choose a reputable rafting service with safety measures.
  • Wear appropriate safety gear like life jackets and helmets.
  • Follow the guide’s instructions for paddling techniques.
  • Discuss the importance of teamwork during rafting.
  • Capture thrilling moments through waterproof cameras.
  • Share experiences and lessons learned after the adventure.

14. Wildlife Safari:

Embarking on a wildlife safari opens doors to exciting encounters with animals. Observing wildlife in their natural habitat instills appreciation and respect for diverse ecosystems.

Bullet Points:

  • Visit wildlife reserves or nature sanctuaries for safaris.
  • Use binoculars or telescopes for better wildlife viewing.
  • Educate kids about animal behaviors and habitats.
  • Discuss conservation efforts and the importance of wildlife preservation.
  • Maintain distance and respect animals’ natural behaviors.
  • Document sightings and create a wildlife observation log.

15. Planting Adventures:

Engaging in planting activities fosters responsibility and environmental awareness. Teaching kids to sow seeds, nurture plants, and care for gardens imparts valuable lessons about growth and sustainability.

Bullet Points:

  • Choose easy-to-grow plants suitable for kids’ involvement.
  • Provide gardening tools and supplies for planting.
  • Explain the significance of nurturing plants for the environment.
  • Involve kids in watering, weeding, and caring for plants.
  • Discuss the importance of plants in oxygen production and food sources.
  • Monitor plant growth and celebrate milestones together.

16. Outdoor Yoga:

Practicing yoga in nature harmonizes body and mind. Embracing the serene ambiance of natural surroundings while performing yoga poses encourages relaxation and mindfulness.

Bullet Points:

  • Find a peaceful spot in nature for yoga sessions.
  • Teach simple yoga poses suitable for kids’ flexibility.
  • Emphasize deep breathing and mindfulness techniques.
  • Create a calm and meditative atmosphere during sessions.
  • Discuss the benefits of connecting with nature through yoga.
  • Encourage creativity by inventing nature-inspired yoga poses.

17. Rock Painting:

Decorating rocks with vibrant colors showcases creativity. Painting rocks and leaving them in nature for others to discover spreads joy and encourages creativity in unexpected ways.

Bullet Points:

  • Collect smooth rocks of various shapes and sizes.
  • Use non-toxic paints and brushes for rock painting.
  • Encourage storytelling or inspirational messages on rocks.
  • Explore different painting techniques and designs.
  • Discuss the concept of sharing art in public spaces.
  • Hide painted rocks in popular outdoor spots for others to find.

18. Nature Crafts:

Creating crafts from natural materials sparks imagination and innovation. Constructing art pieces using leaves, sticks, and flowers promotes eco-friendly creativity and resourcefulness.

Bullet Points:

  • Collect assorted natural materials for crafting.
  • Provide glue, string, and other craft supplies.
  • Guide kids in making nature-themed crafts like leaf animals or twig sculptures.
  • Discuss the concept of upcycling and repurposing natural items.
  • Organize a nature craft exhibition or gallery at home.
  • Encourage kids to gift their nature crafts to friends or family.

Each of these activities presents an exciting opportunity for families to bond, learn, and appreciate the wonders of the natural world. Enjoy exploring these 18 fun things to do with your kids out in nature! 🌿🌞

In today’s fast-paced world, it’s essential to disconnect from screens and technology and reconnect with the natural world. Discovering these 18 fun things to do with your kids out in nature can create unforgettable moments and instill a lifelong love for the great outdoors.

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