Yellow Moong Bean 10kg

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10KG Yellow Moong Bean for sale in South Africa. Wheat, sugar, dairy & Gluten FREE (Non-GMO) Yellow Moong Bean.

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Yellow Moong Bean 10Kg A Reliable and Healthy Source of Nutrition

Yellow moong beans are an excellent source of nutrition, providing essential health benefits that can help to boost your immune system, improve digestion, and provide a reliable source of energy. With the right cooking techniques, these dried yellow beans will give you a tasty meal that is packed with protein and dietary fiber. Our 10kg pack provides all the quantity you need in one purchase, ensuring your cupboards stay stocked with this delicious ingredient.

All About Yellow Moong Beans

Native to South Asia, moong beans are part of the legume family. They have been enjoyed for centuries as both a culinary ingredient and for medicinal purposes. The yellow variety has been hulled before being dried at high temperatures to reduce its moisture content. Thus making them last longer when stored correctly. A single serving (around 100 grams) contains: Around 12g of proteins Vitamin B1 & B2 complex Iron & Zinc minerals. In addition to offering nutritional value, these small but mighty beans are also easy on your wallet. They can be cooked in various ways such as by boiling or frying. Plus, they only take around 15 minutes to cook! This makes them an ideal choice if time is not on your side and still want something nutritious yet tasty.

Get Creative With Your Cooking!

With our 10kg yellow moong bean bag youll be able to experiment. Try many different recipes including soups, stews, curries or even salads! Alternatively, why not try something sweet by turning it into fried ice cream? Get creative in the kitchen today by using this versatile product! It is sure to tantalize everyone‘s taste buds!

The Benefits Of Choosing Yellow Moog Beans

Our 10kg supply offers plenty of advantages including long shelf life once sealed properly; plus its nonperishable meaning theres no rush for usage. Stock up now without worrying about them going bad. They are perfect if youre after bulk purchasing options too! Additionally, its nutrient-dense composition offers many beneficial components. Vitamin C which works towards boosting immunity levels while dietary fiber helps promote healthy digestion systems. All this through improved gut function perfect for anyone wanting healthier meals.

Ready To Start Cooking?

So why not get your hands on our Yellow Moog Bean 10kg pack now? & start creating delicious meals today! This product is a reliable and healthy source of nutrition. They will help keep you and the whole family fuelled during the day. Plus, its a flavorsome option for those looking to cut back on expenses. No need to compromise on taste or nutritional value. Bring some flavor into your kitchen with yellow moong beans!

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    Truly organic.

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    Healthful surprises.

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