Red Lentils 10kg

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10kg red lentils for sale in South Africa. Wheat, sugar, dairy & Gluten FREE (Non-GMO) Red Lentils.

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Red Lentils 10kg Quality and Convenience for All

Are you looking for a nutritious, delicious, and convenient food option? Red lentils are an excellent choice. This versatile legume is not only high in protein. Better yet, they are easy to cook with, in a variety of dishes. With our 10 kg package of red lentils, you can get your hands on the best quality product all at once. Whether youre cooking for one or feeding a crowd, this large bag of red lentils has you covered.

Benefits of Red Lentils 10kg

Red lentils are incredibly nutritious and provide many benefits when added to your diet. Here are just some reasons why red lentil 10kg should be your goto legume:

High Protein One cup serving contains 17 grams of plantbased protein.

Low Fat & Carbs With no cholesterol and very low-fat content (1 gram per cup), this is an excellent source of carbohydrates that won‘t make up too much of your daily allotment (20g).

Rich in Fiber Just one cup provides 15% of your recommended daily intake! This makes them great for digestion as well as keeping you full between meals.

Easy to Cook & Versatile These little guys cook quickly compared to other dried beans. They can easily be thrown into soups or made into salads or side dishes like mashed potatoes or pureed hummus. Plus, they come prepackaged so there‘s no guesswork involved!

Cooking Red Lentils 10kg Easily At Home

Cooking with red lentil 10kg is super simple; here‘s how it‘s done:

Begin by washing the dry beans thoroughly before soaking them overnight. Or you can boil them directly in water until tender (about 25 minutes).

Once softened, drain off any excess liquid before adding spices such as garlic powder, onion powder, cumin seed powder, etc., according to taste preference.

Simmer gently over medium heat until desired texture is achieved. If necessary, add more liquid during cooking time as required.

Serve hot with accompaniments such as sour cream/yogurt, vegetables, etc., depending on the dish being prepared!

Why Buy Organic Red Lentils?

When it comes to quality nutrition without taking up too much kitchen time. Red lentils have got it all! They offer exceptional flavor when cooked properly. Their high fiber content means that even smaller amounts will keep people feeling fuller for longer. Thus ensuring better dietary decisions throughout daytoday life. Red lentils are one of the most popular legumes around and for good reason! Not only are they full of protein and fiber but also incredibly versatile in terms of cooking and usage. Best yet, they come conveniently packaged in our 10 kg bag so you can get all the benefits at once. Get your hands on this awesome product today and enjoy nutritious plantbased goodness!

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Red Lentils 10kgRed Lentils 10kg
Original price was: R1,500.50.Current price is: R1,495.50. Ex. VAT

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